Saturday, February 16, 2019

Roto Pope Podcast: Smorgasbord Du Jour: McBae No More, Lakers Tricking and More!

Sean Burch (@seanb44) and Aaron Sauceda (@RotoPope) discuss the finale of the NFL season, NBA trade deadline and a "taste" of baseball in the latest episode of the Roto Pope Podcast:
  • Baseball season is approaching, what do we have in the works?
  • Do Rams' Super Bowl woes make Sean McVay a fraud? (Of course it doesn't, but he was out-coached and missed key adjustments)
  • Mike Francesa isn't completely on bath salts regarding Tom Brady and Joe Montana?
  • Did the Lakers completely botch the trade deadline? 
  • Who won the NBA trade deadline? Are the Bucks the favorites in the East?
  • Our top 10 "Curb Your Enthusiasm" episodes countdown! We discuss #6 in this episode
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