Sunday, September 23, 2018

GUEST POST: NFL Week 3 Picks: Dog Day Afternoon...Again

Hold on. After another strong week -- 10-6 against the spread, after 9-6-1 to open the season -- don't mind me if I'm still walking around town in full Cheat Carroll mode. Let's just get it over with. Here's the gif:

Alright, now that that's out of the way, let's move onto Week 3, shall we?

Sorry to say, but I'm running short on sleep and even shorter on analysis at the time I'm posting this. (I guess that's what happens when you have a few Rainiers in your system.) But it's going to be another dog day afternoon. And some of these obviously don't feel great. The Titans -- with the Roto Pope listed as their third string quarterback -- covering the 10 point spread in Jacksonville? The freaking Bills not getting absolutely smoked in Minnesota? Yea, I'm rolling with it.

The dogs have treated us well in the first two weeks -- not counting the Roto Pope's inexplicable moneyline bet on the dreadful Arizona Cardinals in LA, of course -- so I'm sticking with them once again.

And the Roto Pope has once against blessed us with his picks from on high. He's feeling the under on the New England/Detroit, New Orleans/Atlanta and San Francisco/Kansas City matchups. He also likes the moneyline and spread on the Chargers (+265) in LA, the Titans (+370) at Jags and Bills (+850) at Minnesota.

Let's see if we can keep the good times rolling this week, shall we? And be sure to check back for the next Roto Pope podcast dropping later this week to recap the success -- or destruction -- from Week 3.

Sean B's Picks:

NY Jets (+3) at Cleveland Browns

Indianapolis Colts (+7) at Philadelphia Eagles

Cincinnati Bengals at Carolina Panthers (-3) 

Tennessee Titans (+10) at Jacksonville Jaguars

New Orleans Saints (+3) at Atlanta Falcons

*Down to +1.5 for New Orleans at several spots. But we grabbed it earlier in the week. Saints need it.*

Denver Broncos (+5.5) at Baltimore Ravens

New York Giants (+6) at Houston Texans

Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins (-3) 

Green Bay Packers (-3) at Washington Redskins

Buffalo Bills (+16.5) at Minnesota Vikings

San Francisco 49ers (+6) at Kansas City Chiefs

Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams (-7) 

Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals (+6) 

Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks (-1.5) 

New England Patriots at Detroit Lions (+7) 

Pittsburgh Steelers (pick 'em) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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