Saturday, September 22, 2018

Roto Pope Podcast, Episode 14: Special Guest X, NFL W1 Betting Triumphs, W2 "Locks"

Sean Burch (@seanb44) and Aaron Sauceda (@RotoPope) are joined by special guest and friend of the pod, Zach/Boppas, as they engage in various topics for the latest episode of the Roto Pope Podcast, including:
  • Introducing friend of the RP pod and gambling extraordinaire, Zach "Boppas" / "HaralaBoppas" Davis
  • Week 1 Betting Triumphs: Sean and Boppas Go Nuclear
  • Looking Ahead to Week 2: Who are the "Locks"
  • Aaron's Process Tilting, Points to Cardinals as Auto-Bet (@ Rams)
  • "Curb Your Enthusiasm" Countdown! Our top 10 episode countdown, with this episode being #9
Aaron Sauceda Web Developer

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