Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Roto Pope Podcast -- Episode 11! MLB All-Star Game, MLB Playoff/WS Race, Kawhi, Best Seinfeld Episode Of All-Time

Sean Burch (@seanb44) and Aaron Sauceda (@RotoPope) engage in various topics for the latest episode of the Roto Pope Podcast, including:
  • 0:00 Opening on swimming, misc.
  • 0:04 AIDS gym guy
  • 0:05 Screen-gazi (aka Screen From Hell)
  • 0:10 World Series Hypothetical 
  • 0:11 All-Star Game thoughts 
  • 0:13 Blake Snell analysis from Aaron
  • 0:18 Mannywood 2.0 (forgot to mention El Maniaco!) 
  • 0:24 Second half MLB musings
  • 0:25 Kawhi Leonard update: Should Lakers hold off on selling young core for Leonard?
  • 0:36 Seinfeld Countdown! Our #1 overall episodes
Aaron Sauceda Web Developer

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